Shelf Life Testing
& Compliance

Raising your shelf-life expectations

At Siena Development, we understand that product shelf life is more than just a date. Our team of seasoned specialists bring their wealth of experience to every opportunity. For us, it’s a promise of quality, safety, and reliability to your consumers. Our goal is not only to ensure a product's shelf life is compliant, but to deliver a consistently delicious experience every time a customer chooses your product.

Leading you from concept to compliance to consumer

We recognize the challenges of navigating the intricate maze of production requirements. That's why Siena Development ensures your process is validated and equipped with all the necessary documentation: 

  • SOP Creation: Standard Operating Procedure strategy  

  • GMP Implementation: Guidance for good manufacturing practices

  • HACCP Blueprint: Safeguarding your product with a Critical Control Points plan.

  • Organic and Allergen Audit Preparation: Understanding allergen and ingredient concerns

We handle it all, while setting the benchmark in production excellence.

Unlocking the secrets of shelf life

Siena Development has built a reputation for delving deep into the intricacies of product shelf life. Our goal is to make sure that every food and beverage product we test stands the test of time. To do this we offer two testing methods: Direct and Accelerated

The Direct Method: Provides unparalleled accuracy by replicating market conditions over extended periods, guaranteeing a real-world understanding of the product’s longevity. 

Accelerated Testing: Designed for speed, simulating potential spoilage reactions to offer quick insights into a product's behavior. 

We bring you the best of both testing worlds to give you the most comprehensive shelf life information about your product.

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