High-Protein, Low-Sugar Vegan Smoothie Cubes

The Problem

Create high-protein, low-sugar vegan smoothie cubes that overcame issues related to the grittiness of vegan protein, maintained a sense of freshness despite being frozen, masked any “off” flavors from vegan protein and sugar replacements, as well as finding appropriate contract manufacturers for this novelty food product.

The Solution

We started by creating a range of 5 flavors to offer variety and appeal to a broad consumer base. We utilized natural flavor enhancers to mask the “off” flavors from vegan protein and sugar replacements, eliminating any aftertaste.

We also developed a specialized processing method to reduce the grittiness commonly associated with high quantities of vegan protein. This included experimenting with natural preservatives and freezing techniques to maintain a sense of “freshness” in the frozen smoothie cubes.

We also leveraged our existing relationships with vendors to identify and secure appropriate contract manufacturers for each stage of production, from ingredient sourcing to final packaging.

Finally, we Implemented rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistency in flavor, texture, and nutritional content across all production batches.

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