Commercialization of RTD Tea Concentrates

The Problem

A ready-to-drink (RTD) tea product made from fresh-brewed tea leaves is unable to find a manufacturer willing to produce it in its current form, causing the need to create a custom tea concentrate that maintains the original taste, allows for a “brewed tea” label, and achieves a healthy profit margin.

tea concentrates

The Process

We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s existing RTD tea to understand its taste profile and ingredient composition.

We then developed custom tea concentrates that maintain the fresh-brewed tea taste of the client’s original recipe, while ensuring the new concentrate formulation qualifies for a “brewed tea” label as per regulatory guidelines.

We followed up with a cost-benefit analysis to ensure the concentrate would meet the client’s target price point and profit margin. We also assisted the client in securing a manufacturer who could work with the new tea concentrates, thereby enabling them to scale their business.

The Solution

As a result of this process, the client was able to secure a manufacturer, scale their business, and lower their manufacturing costs, all while maintaining the integrity and taste of their original RTD tea product.

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