Strategic Feasibility Studies
& Cost

A blueprint for beverage innovation

Feasibility studies are crucial in beverage production—offering a roadmap from concept to reality. Essentially, they assess the viability of a beverage project when it comes to saving time and resources by pinpointing potential issues. As industry experts, Siena has the ability to leverage our experience. We utilize these models and analysis to help innovators transform ideas into concrete plans.

From vision to solution

Our in-depth audit encompasses every facet—from the product's nature, composition, and health claims, to the intricacies of certification and shelf life. We meticulously consider both primary and secondary packaging, as well as the scale of initial production. Our process not only maps out the path to commercialization but also integrates key aspects such as distribution channels and preferred contract packers. This comprehensive process determines whether a concept is commercially viable and highlights any potential issues and concerns.

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