Food and Beverage Product Development

Create the Future

Create the Future

A Targeted Approach

Our experience in product development ranges from nurturing tiny start-ups to partnering with Fortune 500 companies. We understand and appreciate that your product is as unique as you are. For Siena Development there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All”. We listen to your needs and goals to tailor each food or beverage development project to completion. We offer beverage co-packing as well, with a science-focused mindset. Whether your project is big or small, we will perform to your complete satisfaction.

  • Data Driven – We have more data at our fingertips today than all previous generations of R&D firms, combined.  Let’s use that data to create something wonderful.

  • Results Orientated – Our broad experience and innovative skills are key. We apply the data to your food or beverage development project for optimum success.

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Case Studies

Problem: Biotech Company contracts us to neutralize the taste and odor of their proprietary stain of Algae Biomass and Increase Protein yield

Solution :

  • Ensured all pathogens were under control by working with Client’s Quality Control department
  • Created a special method where the odor and taste of algae was neutralized: our solution had a faint odor of grass & chocolate and almost no taste.
  • Developed a special rinse and dry process boosting digestibility, significantly increasing the value of the algae biomass as a good source of plant-based protein.

Nootopic Start-Up Beverage Company had issues with solubility and bitter taste due to ingredinets. Carbonated Co-packer did not want to handle complex blending processed

Solution :

  • We modified an existing process of ours to tackle the solubility issues. Bitter taste was addressed with a flavor system that masked strong herbal notes and lent itself to the final flavor profile.
  • Created and processed base ingredients (using processes such as flavor blending and heat sterilization for herbal components)  Allows co-packers to simply pour directly from pre-packed and weighed drums
    Worked with the Client on procuring ingredients and ensuring all QC documents were secured. Process sheets were created and altered for different co-packer’s varying requirements.

Mid-Tier Ice Cream Company wanted to enter Gluten-Free/Keto Baked Goods space. Required assistance with creating line extensions that fit with their brand profile and ingredient sourcing.

Solution :

  • We created 3 unique SKUs based on their nutritional parameters and consumers preferences .
  • Formulas were created to adjust for lack of gluten and high keto content
    Worked with the Client on procuring ingredients and ensuring all QC documents were secured. Process sheets were created and altered for different co-packer’s varying requirements.

The Siena Group is an Affiliate of the Cornell Institute for Food Systems Industry Partnership Program

How We Can Help

Feasibility & Cost

Before you invest in creating a product, you need a realistic idea of the capital investment.  For help, ask us about our cost and feasibility studies.
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Product Development

Siena Development is dedicated to bringing new ideas and concepts to light and to life in food and beverage industry. We welcome the opportunity to bring your idea to the market in its best form.  Our experience ranges the full spectrum: plated meals, Ready To Drink (RTD), functional beverages, calorie free snacks – everything you can imagine.
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Beverage Co-Packing

Siena Development has a fully automated co-packing facility. We can handle anything from tiny 100-liter micro batch runs to large scale beverage filling. We fill hot, cold, PET and glass. We can also brew straight from tea leaves or botanicals, develop a base for a variety of drinkables and create syrups for carbonated beverages.
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Lab Testing

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Whether you need a standard nutritional analysis or help developing specific testing protocols, we have the experience and the equipment to assist you with finding the best and most economical solutions to meet your needs.
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