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Siena Development
We are a leading Food and Beverage R&D firm with a passion for innovation.

The Siena Group is an Affiliate of the Cornell Institute for Food Systems Industry Partnership Program

A Targeted Approach

Our experience includes working with tiny start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We understand and appreciate that your product is just as unique as you are. For Siena Development there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All”. We tailor each food or beverage development project to your needs and your goals. We offer beverage co-packing as well.

  • Data Driven – We have more data at our fingertips today than previous generations combined.  Let’s use that data to create something wonderful.

  • Results Orientated – Knowing how to apply that data to your food or beverage development is key.

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Feasibility & Cost Analysis

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Before you invest in creating a product, you need to know how much it will cost and what capital is involved.  Ask us about our cost and feasibility studies.

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Product Development

Fruit Juice Bottles

Siena Development Group, is a company dedicated to bringing new ideas and concepts in food and beverage to life. We welcome the chance to bring your idea to life and market.  Our experience ranges the full spectrum of food and beverage; from plated meals to Ready To Drink (RTD) protein shakes, and everything in between.

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Beverage Co-Packing

Bottles being filled

Siena Development has the ability to co-pack tiny 100 Liter micro batch runs to fully automated large scale beverage filling. We can fill hot and cold, PET and Glass. We also have the ability to brew straight from tea leaves or botanicals, and can assist with syrup creation for carbonated beverages.

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Lab Testing & Protocol Creation

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Whether you need a standard nutritional analysis or help developing specific testing protocols, we have the experience to assist you with finding the best solutions to meet your needs.

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Types of Beverages We Can Help With

Confidentially is a big part of who we are.  You won’t see us broadcasting your brand to build ours.  We can provide lists of our happy clients once an NDA is in place.  Below is a list of the types of beverages we can develop.  If you do not see it below, just ask! We thrive in unusual waters.