Vegan Doritos® Inspired

The Problem

Develop a Protein & Net Carb Chip product inspired by “Vegan Protein” Doritos® that meets specific nutritional parameters, while overcoming challenges in texture, formability, and production methods within a budget.

vegan doritos

The Process

We conducted extensive research and testing to achieve the desired texture, mouthfeel, and crispiness that closely mimics traditional Doritos®. Our team also experimented with various ingredient ratios and baking techniques to ensure the chip maintains its shape during and after production.

We then compared the pros and cons of baking vs frying, ultimately choosing the method that best aligns with the client’s nutritional parameters and budget constraints. We also sourced cost-effective ingredients and optimized production methods to meet the budget requirements set by the start-up client.

Working closely with the client allowed us to understand the basic ingredients and nutritional goals (aiming for 7-10 grams of protein per serving).

Our Initially developed vegan chip product, included powdered dairy cheese as per the client’s change in preference. We then followed up with 3 SKUs that contained the same base ingredients but varied flavor dusting to create different SKU flavor profiles.

The Solution

Created a delicious, high protein vegan chip base and flavor dustings, while meeting client’s macro nutritional goals and budgetary constraints.

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