Nootropic Beverage – Taste and Solubility Issues

The Problem

Nootropic has an energy blend formula for a carbonated beverage that faces challenges in solubility, flavor, and production complexity, making it difficult for co-packers to produce the drink efficiently.

The Solution

We first modified an existing process to improve the solubility of problematic ingredients, such as Alpha-Lipolic. We also developed a new flavor system that masks the bitter taste arising from the high volume of herbal ingredients. The final flavor profile chosen was Asian Pear.

Upon choosing the beverage flavor, we created and processed base ingredients using techniques like flavor blending and heat sterilization for herbal components. Providing these base ingredients in pre-packed and weighed drums, allowed co-packers to pour directly into the production line without additional handling.

Our collaboration with the Synapse team, also allowed us to procure quality ingredients and secure all necessary QC documents. As a result, we developed adaptable process sheets that can be modified to meet different co-packers’ varying requirements.

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