Nootropic Beverage – Taste and Solubility Issues

The Problem

Client came to us with a nootropic energy blend formula and wanted to create a carbonated beverage. The blend included ingredients with solubility issues that were challenging to include in a beverage, and bitter ingredients that made the flavor profile unpalatable. The objective was to fix the solubility issues and mask the bitter flavors for a delicious end product.

nootropic beverage

The Process

We first modified an existing process to improve the solubility of problematic ingredients, such as Alpha-Lipolic Acid. We also developed a new flavor system that masks the bitter taste arising from the high volume of herbal ingredients.

Upon choosing the beverage flavor, we created and processed base ingredients using techniques like flavor blending and heat sterilization for herbal components. Providing these base ingredients in pre-packed and weighed drums, allowed co-packers to pour directly into the production line without additional handling.

We were also tasked with assisting with ingredient procurement, logistics, and QC documentation and coordinating multiple successful productions with the co-packer.

The Solution

Achieved a light, refreshing, complex taste that supported client’s unique brand image, and addressed solubility and scale-up challenges for enhanced profitability.

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