Vegan/Plant-Based Allergen-Free Ice Creams

The Problem

Client approached us with a concept for decadent, “guilty pleasures” vegan ice cream line. The goal was to mimic the dairy ice cream experience using vegan ingredients without any major allergens such as tree nuts. Client had an aggressive launch timeline, and required quick turnaround for a very complex project.

allergen-free ice cream

The Process

We began by developing a base using rice and oat milk that successfully mimics the texture and flavor of dairy-based ice cream. This was followed up with blind taste tests to confirm that the plant-based ice cream was indistinguishable from dairy-based options.

To address the texture and flavor, we experimented with various natural stabilizers to prevent ice crystallization, ensuring a smooth texture. We also utilized flavor masking agents to eliminate any residual plant-based aftertaste.

Leveraging our extensive network of suppliers, we were able to secure all necessary ingredients, even amidst COVID-19-related shortages. We then identified and partnered with a contract manufacturer that could accommodate allergen-free production and meet COVID-19 safety protocols.

This all resulted in the ability to coordinate all aspects of development, supply chain, and manufacturing to meet the client’s condensed timeline for launch.

The Solution

Siena Development created a delicious, nut-free vegan ice cream that was indistinguishable from dairy ice cream in blind taste tests, and managed all aspects of supply chain and project management ahead of client’s time requirements.

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