Vegan/Plant-Based Allergen-Free Ice Creams

The Problem

Create a vegan, plant-based, allergen-free ice cream that not only mimics the rich, creamy texture and flavor of dairy-based ice cream but also overcomes supply chain and manufacturing hurdles, all within a tight launch timeline.

The Solution

We began by developing a base using rice and oat milk that successfully mimics the texture and flavor of dairy-based ice cream. This was followed up with blind taste tests to confirm that the plant-based ice cream was indistinguishable from dairy-based options.

To address the texture and flavor, we experimented with various natural stabilizers to prevent ice crystallization, ensuring a smooth texture. We also utilized flavor masking agents to eliminate any residual plant-based aftertaste, specifically avoiding a coconut flavor.

Leveraging our extensive network of suppliers, we were able to secure all necessary ingredients, even amidst COVID-19-related shortages. We then identified and partnered with a contract manufacturer that could accommodate allergen-free production and meet COVID-19 safety protocols.

This all resulted in the ability to coordinate all aspects of development, supply chain, and manufacturing to meet the client’s condensed timeline for launch.

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