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How food and beverage brilliance begins

Siena Development’s R&D and innovation processes are finely tuned to the ever-evolving landscape of the food and beverage industry. Our job is to know all the revolutionary shifts at shelf. Whether it's crafting an organic, keto-friendly energy bar or a gluten-free, non-alcoholic alternative beverage that promises relaxation, our ideation encapsulates trends, certifications, and functionalities. We make sure your product idea isn't just realized—it's revolutionized. 

The science behind every bite & sip

Formulation is about finesse, science, and artful creation. Our process is more than just mixing ingredients—it's a symphony of flavor, nutrition, and innovation. With a focus on creating exceptional tasteful experiences, we deep dive into the nuances of ingredient sourcing. It’s all about ensuring that each element complements and elevates the other. Whether your goal is a cleaner label, a healthier menu option, a groundbreaking plant-based product, or refining an existing formula to perfection, our seasoned team stands ready to bring your brand formula to life. 

From the lab to the pilot run

Now that your formulation is completed we test it out in a Pilot Run. This is an essential part of the process that helps ensure what was done on bench top scale can be accurately reproduced at a larger scale. Changes may be made to compensate for the larger scale if needed. At this point we will also ensure your labels and regulatory paperwork are compliant

The Power of Commercial Ingredient Formulation

Turning a personal beverage recipe into a commercial sensation isn't as simple as scaling up. It requires precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of market demands. At Siena Development, we recognize the intricacies of commercial ingredient formulation. Whether you envision a refreshing drink bursting with natural flavors, or a health-centric snack with certifications galore, we walk you through the entire process. From a detailed project brief to the delicate balance of taste and texture, we make sure your food or beverage is not only production-ready but also primed for success. Our expertise also ensures that your product retains its essence, while meeting all industry standards, and of course, resonates with your target audience. 

Stock Flavors & Formulations

For brands seeking top-tier flavors without the price tag of a custom development process, Siena Development is proud to offer our Stock Flavors & Formulations service. Whether you're a grocery store aiming to introduce a private label product or a startup focusing predominantly on branding and marketing, our stock flavors are the perfect solution. Aside from mitigating upfront development costs, they also can expedite your market launch. Siena’s extensive range of stock flavors includes, but is not limited to: cocktail mixers, protein drinks, iced teas, lemonades, protein powders and sodas. 

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