Zivo Algae Bioscience

The Problem

Zivo Bioscience contracted us to achieve two main objectives with their proprietary strain of Algae Biomass: Neutralize its unappealing taste and odor and develop a method for testing and enhancing its protein yield to make it a viable source of plant-based protein.

Zivo bioscience

The Process

We ensured all pathogens were under control by collaborating with Zivo’s Quality Control department.

We then addressed the issue of low consumer appreciation for algae due to its smell and taste along with focusing on improving the digestibility of the algae protein to increase its nutritional value.

We created a special method to neutralize the algae’s odor and taste. This resulting algae biomass had a faint odor of wheatgrass and chocolate and almost no taste, making it more consumer-friendly.

Based on our research, we were able to develop a special process to boost the digestibility of the algae protein. This significantly increased the value of the algae biomass as a viable source of plant-based protein.

The Solution

Our team effectively neutralized the algae’s odor and taste and enhanced the digestibility and nutritional value of the algae protein. The results contributed to successful fundraising activities due to the improved product functionality.

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