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12 Technical Terms Aspiring CPG Beverage Entrepreneurs Should Know

Getting ready to launch a new beverage brand? Venturing into the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) beverage manufacturing industry is both thrilling and challenging. To navigate this dynamic field successfully, it’s crucial for new entrepreneurs to grasp the technical jargon. In this article, we’ve compiled a glossary of essential technical terms tailored to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the nuances of CPG beverage manufacturing.

  1. Brix: Brix is a measurement of the sugar content in a liquid, expressed as a percentage of sucrose by weight. It’s a key factor in determining the sweetness level of beverages.
  2. Batch Processing: Batch processing involves manufacturing a set quantity of raw materials together in a single production run. This method ensures consistency and quality, common in CPG beverage manufacturing.
  3. Filling Line: The filling line is a series of machinery used to fill beverage products into containers efficiently. Components like fillers, cappers, and labelers are part of this assembly.
  4. Pasteurization: Pasteurization, a heat treatment process, is employed to eliminate harmful microorganisms in beverages without compromising quality. It’s instrumental in extending the shelf life of products.
  5. Co-Packing: Co-packing, or contract packing, is the outsourcing of manufacturing and packaging to a third-party facility. This is the industry term for “contract manufacturing.” It’s a strategic choice for entrepreneurs aiming to scale production without heavy capital investment.
  6. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): HACCP is a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating, and controlling food safety hazards. It plays a key role in ensuring the safety of CPG beverages.
  7. pH: pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a beverage. Understanding pH is essential for maintaining product stability and achieving the desired flavor profile.
  8. Scheduled Process: A scheduled process refers to a documented procedure that outlines the steps and conditions necessary for safely producing a specific product. It ensures consistency and adherence to safety standards in CPG beverage manufacturing.
  9. UHT (Ultra High Temperature) Processing: UHT processing involves heating beverages to an ultra-high temperature to sterilize them, significantly extending their shelf life. It’s a common method for producing long-life and shelf-stable beverages.
  10. HPP (High Pressure Processing): HPP is a non-thermal pasteurization technique that uses high pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria while preserving the nutritional and sensory qualities of beverages. It’s employed for producing fresh and minimally processed beverages.
  11. Aseptic: Aseptic processing involves sterilizing both the product and the packaging separately, then combining them in a sterile environment. This method is vital for preserving the quality and safety of beverages without the need for heat.
  12. TetraPak: TetraPak is a well-known brand of packaging solutions, particularly for aseptic processing. These carton packages are widely used in the beverage industry for preserving freshness and extending shelf life.

Equipped with an understanding of these technical terms, new entrepreneurs in the CPG beverage manufacturing industry can make informed decisions, communicate effectively with industry professionals, and navigate the intricacies of this exciting field. Stay curious, stay informed, and let your entrepreneurial spirit drive your success in the dynamic world of CPG beverages.

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