Designed especially for food and beverage Start Ups, this package gives you everything you need to make sure your product is FDA/USDA compliant, won’t spoil, yet still has an amazing flavor.

Siena Development Group’s team of scientists will work closely with you to extend the shelf life of your product (no spoilage or food poisoning!) At the same time, our flavorists work hard to ensure that your product will taste great— we never compromise on flavor. We’ll also assist you with the FDA/USDA paperwork you need in order to have your product legal for sale at grocery stores throughout the country.

The end result? A finished product that you can be proud to put on the shelf, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you won’t have product recalls or FDA/USDA problems.

The package also includes:

  • Commercialization of your recipe – Commercial food and beverage production is different than making something in a kitchen. The machines are different, the parameters are different, and each co-packer has a specific specialty/focus. And manufacturers have to worry about unannounced visits from the FDA!  Just because something is easy to do in a kitchen, doesn’t make it easy to do in a commercial setting. We’ll help you adapt your recipe to make it streamlined for a commercial setting.
  • Nutritional Analysis, Nutritional Attributes and Health Claims – The FDA has very strict laws about health claims for food. Even a small mistake on your label claims can result in hefty fines or product removal from the market. We’ll help you navigate the FDA laws and alert you to any potential FDA violations before your product ever gets to market.
  • Bar Code – Every commercial food/beverage item is required to have an official barcode in order to be sold in stores. We can supply you with an approved barcode for use on your product.
  • Insurance – Every commercial food or beverage company is required by law to carry the appropriate insurance. We can connect you to insurance providers familiar with the food industry, who can assist you with your insurance needs.
  • Certifications (optional) – Want your product to be Certified Organic or Kosher? We can assist you with certifications, such as Organic, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, etc.
  • Executive Consultation hours – Every product has unique needs, and a unique market strategy. That’s why we also include Executive Consultation hour to address questions such as Branding, pricing/margin architecture, consumer trends, sales strategies, marketing strategies, retail channel development, manufacturing and logistics.