In order to thoroughly assess the unique needs of your particular process, we need to have a few conversations with you. Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Fill out the Form below.  This gives us a basic overview of your product, and an initial glimpse into whether your project is a good fit for our company. If we can’t help you, we’d rather not waste your time. We’ll let you know right away, and if possible we’ll direct you to someone else who can help you.
  2. Sign the mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Once you submit the form, you’ll receive an email with a link to our NDA. This gives you the peace of mind to discuss your project details, knowing that your intellectual property will be protected. We take client confidentiality extremely seriously, so rest assured that we NEVER share your information with ANYONE— even if you choose not to contract us.
  3. Schedule an Initial Development Consultation.  In the same email response, you’ll also receive a link to schedule your Initial complimentary consultation. This is a quick conversation that gives us a clearer understanding of your project idea, and allows us to choose the choose the best Food Scientist to discuss your project in greater detail. Prefer phone? You can also call to schedule your consultation.
  4. Schedule a Scientific Consultation.  During your Initial Consultation, we’ll assess which Food Scientist is best suited to review your project.  We’ll then schedule a follow-up Scientific Consultation (also complimentary). During this call, a scientist will discuss your project parameters in greater detail, make recommendations about common pitfalls to avoid, and assess how much work it will take to get your product market-ready.
  5. We email you a quote.  After reviewing all the information you provided us, we’ll send you a quote for the cost of your own customized “Kitchen to Shelf” package services, based on your unique project needs.