Beverage Co-Packing

Beverage Co-Packing


We have an fully automated line, capable of Hot & Cold Fill, Glass and PET


Fruit & Protein Smoothies

Glass and Plastic Bottles

Brewed Tea

Sports Drinks

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What We Can Do

Hot Fill
Fresh Brewed Tea
Cold Fill with preservatives
Soda Syrup Production
Micro Batch Kitchen Runs of 100 Liters

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We offer the following beverage bottling services near the NYC metro area:

Hot and Cold Fill Glass and PET   8oz. – 16oz. sizes. (For other sizes, please inquire.)

We also offer custom syrup and concentrate production, at wholesale volumes.

We do not offer bottling for 2oz.- 6oz. shot sizes.

Before you contact us for price quotes, we ask that you have your FDA approved process available for review.

If you do not have an FDA-approved process yet,  Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in obtaining one.

We do not process HPP cold-press beverages.